Ireme Invest is a groundbreaking investment facility that works with Rwanda’s private sector to support green business growth and boost the country’s response to climate change.



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Apply to Ireme Invest

Businesses in Rwanda can apply to Ireme Invest through either the Project Preparation Facility managed by the Rwanda Green Fund or the Credit Facility managed by the Development Bank of Rwanda. 

If you are looking for investment in your green business or project, please contact us to explore partnership opportunities and check out the current opportunities below.

Project Preparatory Facility

Hosted at the Rwanda Green Fund, the Project Preparatory Facility offers grants, recoverable grants, and equity.

Credit Facility

Hosted at the Development Bank of Rwanda, the Credit Facility provides concessional loans.

There are currently opportunities available through the Project Preparatory Facility.

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There are currently opportunities available through the Credit Facility.

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Eligibility Criteria

The Ireme Invest eligibility criteria provide guidance for the kinds of support and investments that the facility will offer. The criteria aim to be a resource for both businesses when developing application proposals to Ireme Invest, and the Rwanda Green Fund and the Development Bank of Rwanda in the management of Ireme Invest.

For more information about these criteria, please contact either or

Priority Investment Areas

Ireme Invest provides finance and technical advisory services to businesses and projects, with a focus on the following priority areas.

Clean Energy

Focusing on renewable sources like solar, wind, and hydropower, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and provide sustainable and reliable energy solutions.

Smart Mobility

Developing electric vehicles, bike-sharing programs, and intelligent transport systems to ease congestion, enhance urban mobility, and reduce carbon emissions.

Sustainable Cities

Creating urban environments that balance economic, social, and environmental needs, incorporating green spaces, efficient infrastructure, and eco-friendly architecture.

Climate Smart Agriculture

Promoting agricultural practices that adapt to and mitigate climate change, using technologies to ensure food security while minimising environmental harm.

Waste and Circular Economy

Establishing efficient waste collection, recycling, and disposal systems and promoting the reuse, repair, and recycling of products and encouraging sustainable consumption patterns.