Ireme Invest is a groundbreaking investment facility that works with Rwanda’s private sector to support green business growth and boost the country’s response to climate change.



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Remarks by President Kagame at Ireme Invest Launch | Sharm El Sheikh, 7 November 2022

Good afternoon to you, and thank you very much for coming here today.

The launch of Ireme Invest is a significant milestone for Rwanda.

Climate adaptation requires big changes in how we produce and consume energy. How we move around, all that depends on climate adaptation and change. What we eat, and how it’s grown. All that comes together.

In short, the entire economy is affected, which means the private sector has a tremendous role to play.

Ireme Invest embodies Rwanda’s commitment to achieving tangible results toward a green economy through public-private partnerships in key areas.

I commend the Development Bank of Rwanda for the seed capital it has invested in this fund, building on the solid track record of the Rwanda Green Fund (Fonerwa).

I very much appreciate the partner institutions, without which all that is being done by Rwandan institutions would not go very far. These partners have contributed to the first round of capitalization, bringing the total to more than $100 million, as we have just been told a few minutes ago.

Let me just mention these partners: the Governments of France, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, as well as the European Investment Bank, and last, but definitely not least, the Green Climate Partnership Fund.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, whether the progress made during the official negotiations at this COP is big or small, there are still many tools available to us to get things done on the ground.

That is really the key point we are driving home with the launch of Ireme Invest, and with green public-private partnership more generally.

So I thank you, those who have contributed to this partnership, and we look forward to continuing the strong partnership. Thank you very much.